Reasons That Triggers PHP Zend Development

Today the business community is spending lot of money for the betterment of their services and products. Web based application is one such area where businesses are highly investing. Among the several programming languages available in the web development world PHP is nowadays, known as the most coveted scripting language used for developing web applications. There are several reasons that make PHP a highly popular language to carry out web application development, as listed below:

  • PHP can be installed without a license, as it is an open-source platform.
  • It is simple to understand and use, as opposed to, other programming languages.
  • It supports multiple operating systems like Linux, Mac OS X and others.
  • It is a versatile language as it supports different type of databases namely MySQL, Oracle and Sybase.
  • PHP can be used in order to make fast and highly secure dynamic websites as well as web applications.
There are various PHP frameworks that are utilized for building web based applications such as CakePHP, Symphony2, CodeIgniter, Zend and a few others. Among all these frameworks Zend is gaining immense popularity for developing web applications for PHP5.

An Introduction to Zend

Zend is popularly known as the open-source framework, used for developing object-oriented web application for PHP5.  What makes Zend a preferred choice among developers – is that it helps to purge the technical exhaustiveness, and thereby make developers to completely focus on building highly scalable web applications.

The strength of Zend PHP framework lies in its ability to provide Model-View-Controller (MVC) design, and eventually provide more reusable code. What else? The framework is supports multiple databases such as MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSql to name few. Furthermore, the framework is pretty secure to use since it is available with BSD license, and thus, the content added to the website cannot be contravened by any third party.

Zend Helps to Enhance Productivity and Functionality

Zend comprises of varied components that can be utilized in order to augment the productivity and functionality of web applications build using PHP Zend Development, such as:

Model-View-Controller (MVC): Zend MVC design pattern helps provide separate skill sets for developers and programmers that enables them to utilize their own competencies so as to create meaningful compositions.

Rapid Application Development (RAD): Zend helps to carry out rapid application development that helps developers’ saves a considerable amount of time, as this component frees them from carrying out the dreary process of initial process of setting up an application.

Internationalization and Localization: Every business aims at expanding its reach not just to the local market but also at the global front. If you want to become a part of the league of international and local markets, you need to have a component that can help you to build applications in your own regional language. And Zend makes that possible.

Hire Dedicated PHP Developers for Effective Web Applications

With the ever-increasing competition in the development world, it has become mandatory for businesses to think out-of-the-box, than just opting for developing a simple web application. In simple words, it is necessary for a business to build a highly scalable and powerful web application to survive in today’s marketplace. Thus, it is advisable for a business to hire services of dedicated PHP developers, as they have the expertise as well as the experience that empowers them to building web applications that further helps a business reach out to a wide audience base.

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Rendering Quality IT Solutions a Must for Every Business

The IT industry is augmenting in leaps and bounds. Fierce competition is ongoing in the IT world, among businesses so as to outdo their competitors. Irrespective of the business you are running – be it manufacturing, financial, entertainment, or any other, being technologically competent has become the need of the business community. A good way to move ahead in your business endeavor is to hire services of IT experts. These experts’ strive to provide you with state-of-the-art technology solutions that help in bringing innovation, increased productivity, and increased ROI to your business.

IT service providers usually provide IT solutions such as:

  • Managed IT Solutions such as Voice over IP (VOIP) Telephony. If you plan on expanding your business in order to reach global audience, then VOIP is exactly what you will need. This highly effective technique helps you connect to a wide audience base via broadband, in no time.
  • Network Installation. This is yet another IT service that is needed by almost every business, which helps in establishing your business on a network and to co-ordinate it with the other departments and branches within your business firm.
  • Remote and On-Site Server Remediation Services. For any business having multiple users, it is imperative to running a server so as to parcel out network permissions, store up data in the form of files , and purge issues such as data loss and many other issues that can bother you as they grow.  Since you are maintaining everything within your server, you'll certainly need to ensure that your server works in a fine manner. This is where you will need to take up support, which includes remote and on-site server remediation services.
  • Any system can broke down in between carrying out some important project, which could means failure to complete your project within the allotted deadline. Thus, it is very important to take help of Data Recovery services.
How to Search for Professional IT Service Provider?

  • If you are searching for a reputed company rendering quality IT solutions, you must initiate your search by verifying whether the company possesses the essential industry’s Service Level Agreements or not.
  • Carry out an extensive research to find out about the projects that the company has completed, till date.
  • Make sure that the company contains all the useful resources and avant-garde technologies required for your IT needs.

Highly desired Yii PHP Framework: Features That Makes it Worth

If you want to create web applications in PHP 5, then you must opt for Yii PHP Framework. Yii is a high-performance framework designed for PHP coders, to enable code reusability and speed up the web development process. Yii is ideal to be used for building enterprise applications, since it was designed to carry out even complex web development with ease.  What’s more, Yii comprises of a pile of features that are required in order to build web 2.0 applications. Below is a list of some of the most important features of Yii that makes it a highly coveted PHP framework.

Easy to Learn and Use: In order to work with Yii framework you only need to be familiar with PHP and OOPs (object oriented programming), and you don’t necessarily have to learn about new configuration or templating language.  

Powerful Caching System: Yii renders powerful caching that helps in loading web applications in a fast manner.

Security: According to a study conducted by HP, stated that around 69% of web applications contain at least one SQL injection error, and 42% has a cross-site scripting vulnerability. Yii helps to strengthen safety and security of web applications, by offering several attack prevention techniques ranging from SQL injection attacks to cross-site scripting prevention and input validation etc. it offers everything to ensure your application is safe and secure.

MVC: Yii framework follows MVC architecture, and thus, helps to provide clean and reusable code. The MVC (model-view-controller) pattern is extensively used in web programming that intends to separate business logic from user interface, so as to help developers to easily manage the change in different parts of the code, with no affect on the other. 

Database Access Objects (DAO): Yii Data Access Objects (DAO) feature facilitates the developers to access diverse database management systems (DBMS) within a single interface. Besides this, the web applications developed using DAO can be toggled to utilize a different DBMS devoid of the need to make adjustments in the data that accesses the code. 

Comprehensive Documentation: Yii offers a thorough documentation for everything so as to help you find help in case you get stuck anywhere, while using the framework. Whether it is a single method to definitive guide, Yii ensures that everything is documented in a clean and systematic way.

Friendly with Third Party Code: Yii works amazingly well with third party codes. In simple words, this framework is designed in a manner that you can even use codes from other frameworks like the ZEND framework into your Yii Web Application.

Built-in Authentication Support: Yii comes with built in authentication support with help of RBAC (Role Based Access Control).

Skinning and Theming: This feature of Yii helps in changing the look and feel of web applications instantly. 
Whether you are a business owner or enterprise looking forward to creating a simple website or want to build a highly complex and sophisticated web application, using Yii is a perfect choice to deploy any sized web development project.

Make Millions With Fruition ORM Tips

Online reputation makes a huge difference in the business and each and every single word written on the web has a big effect on the brand image of the company. The platform welcomes everyone to write and place their reviews on the site where all are free to read, either negative or positive. The online platform such as social media websites, popular search engines, blogs and websites are the rampant networks reaching customers and offering information about the said companies. It becomes a mandatory for companies to maintain a high online reputation and create balance between the negative postings and positive reviews. Below you will find some tips to manage online reputation of the company efficiently:
  • Keep a check on search engines research and find what has been written about your business.
  • Don’t be impulsive to negative comments rather play smart and answer proactively to every conversation.
  • Maximum blogging helps in making a positive image by posting informative articles on high authority blogs which ranks high on SERP.
  • Be active in press releases and keep updating about your new business achievements and success stories with a fresh content to make a positive image of your business.
  • Create maximum social media profiles to keep in touch with your customers. Stay active and available to visitors and answer their queries.
  • Industry specific forums helps in making a business signature and creating a brand image with the positive and quality content shared on Forum pages.
  • Ruminate before writing anything on web, every word has different meanings and each and every word will be read by millions of visitors and will be affecting the business growth.
Maintain a high profile by following simple steps for managing ORM. Keep doing BEST!!!!

Outsourcing online reputation: A fruitful Investment or A False Mistake

The cardinal of online marketing these days is online reputation and outsourcing it to the professionals is the new key to success in business. Branding, image creation and making the viewers familiar with the company, posting reviews, clearing negative updates and more is the work of online reputation management.  This is one of the fastest growing marketing tactics to enhance the business and connecting to the world virtually. Outsourcing the responsibilities and taking leverages of their experience and expertise in the field is success stories of reaping businesses. The online marketing companies that are proficient and have great work experiences in the field are familiar with all the positive and negative sides of the same.

If you are still incredulous about the decision of outsourcing, read out some essential benefits and reasons why and how outsourcing online reputation management to the professional is beneficiary to your business.

Expertise in the field

You may or may not be aware about the new social media updates and accounts in the internet marketing but they are. There are many loopholes that can make your all positive areas weak. Although, you may think that making 4 or 5 social media profiles are enough to keep updated with the world, the professionals can give you a list where you were lacking behind and rivals were enjoying your absence there.

Time consuming

Online reputation management is time consuming process which needs constant updates. There is tough competition in the market, one or two days delay can affect your position and let your rivals play the game. The outsourced companies take your work as priority and give full time to your accounts and stay connected with your customers to keep them updated about your business ventures and new policies.

Online reputation management is no more a game to play but an essential element of SEO that helps your business rank high on search engines as well. Hence, outsource it to the professionals and keep yourself high on every perspectives of marketing.

Reject Paid Review Policy, or Get Ready for Ban

Do you understand the value of consumer review sites? If you do then there is no need to tell that these sites are going to play an active role in referral business leads in upcoming days. In coming years, it will become essential for business organizations to work with due diligence for their virtual presence. It will become a cumbersome task to get the paid review writing services from offshore reviewers to mislead new customers.

In some countries, the paid reviews are prohibited as they breach consumer’s interest protection act. Therefore, some leading business websites has stopped accepting paid reviewers. You must understand that the review of your business organization should come only from a genuine customer.

In an operation, ‘The Guardian’, the UK based newspaper has investigated the accounts of some leading online portals and tried to decipher the big gap between their lowest and highest ratings at leading review sites like In some cases, they found that the real like reviews are only few out of dozens. Moreover, the fake reviews really talk in promotional tone, which cannot be expected, at a review website. Because the consumers reach on a review website with expectation to listen fellow consumers instead of company’s professional online marketing spies.

Hence, you should reject the policy of buying sponsored reviews from your customers. It will really be good for you. You just need to take care of CRM affairs sincerely. Therefore, any irritated customer did not go and mark a negative review against your business.

Stop Looking at Search Engine, Look at Reviews

Online marketers have chased search engines and worried about their search engine rankings for about a decade. But, this decade is of human generated inputs. The increasing penetration rate of internet is turning the wheel. Now, the customers are becoming brand oriented. They are leaving the keyword thing behind. It may sound fictional but it is true. 

Gone are the days, when customers used to make their minds for purchasing something or taking services from a certain company by finding the company via search engines. Now, the time has changed. The customers do not trust anymore on search engine rankings.

The Impact of Reviews

In this age of internet driven commerce, the customers have become aware of online marketing tricks. Thus, they prefer to rely on the experiences of their fellow customers. In this way, they follow the reviews posted by the ex-customer of any company, irrespective of the fact that the reviews are real or fake. They simply follow the contents of review.

Maintain Your Image

You must make yourself active in front of your customers. For this purpose, you should react on complaints, posted against your company. It will simply create an attentive image of your business organization in front of your customers. Therefore, you should react to all complaints, reviews, and scams, posted against your business organization.

In case of reviews and complaints, you may get an initial success but you will not get the success in case of scams. Usually, rival online marketing professionals post such stories to defame the image of your business organization. Therefore, you will have to use legal weapons with such posters. It will give you some power to deal with such scoundrels. In short, you need to ready to defend your organization at any time in any manner.